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A highly effective CMO possesses an imperative skill: the ability to anticipate and communicate the parameters of business in the context of consumer demands and expectations.

In other words, to predict the future.

Luckily, this is easier than it sounds.

A Classic Two-Pronged Attack 

There’s controversy storming across the face of the digital landscape. No, it’s not another algorithm change. It’s about social media marketing and ROI – and a growing lack of confidence among CEOs.

What Is Missing

In 2012 London-based Fournaise Marketing Group, a global leader in marketing performance and management, published the results of its Global Marketing Effectiveness Program. 1,200 large corporation and SMB CEOs and major stakeholders from across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia were interviewed.

The results were staggering.

The most effective content marketing tool you are not using! 

White papers are an excellent way to disseminate your expertise to an industry community. By sharing your knowledge, not only are you establishing yourself as a thought leader, but you’re also providing the groundwork for launching content in other channels like blogs and e-mails.

Aren’t White Papers Dead? 

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It’s a question just about everyone gets on a regular basis: What do you do? And as someone who ghostwrites client blogs for a living, the right answer has often eluded me. If I say I’m a writer, people automatically assume I’ve written a book, or that I write for a magazine. It’s a response that instantly elicits a high level of prestige and respect. But while I have written for magazines, that’s not what I do now. If I say I’m a ghostwriter, people usually need clarification. 

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Do you have a dark social media secret? Apparently, many people these days do. According to a recent study by the folks at MIT, social media users are leaning more and more towards what’s called the “liquid self” – changing the way they behave online depending on who they’re interacting with and where. As proof of this, they offer up the rising popularity of services and apps such as SnapChat and WhatsApp, which allow for completely contextual conversations that disappear soon after being sent – interactions whose tenor varies widely based on who can see and take part in the fleeting conversation.

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Our favorite movie trailer ever! 

Whether you are looking to become a top online marketing guru, a social media whiz or an SEO-inspired content writer, having a great internship can provide you with invaluable tools and knowledge from people who are already in the field. Plus, it can also open the doors to entry-level positions with the company you interned for once you have graduated!

With that being said, we here at The Marketing Zen Group are excited to be looking for a great group of college students to intern with our company in 2014! As one of Inc. Magazine’s Top Entrepreneurial Companies in the 30 Under 30 rankings, as well as one of the 100 Best Companies in the U.S. to be run by a young entrepreneur (two years in a row), an internship at The Marketing Zen Group is a great launching platform for any student with a interest in online marketing!

Best perk: We are virtual - You can work anywhere in the world and in your pajamas if you so chose. 

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